More Weeds…..pretty though.

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Can you spot the four leaf clover?


No, I couldn’t either…

This was a day of Sprinkles…

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Not many photo ops.

Would you use Dandelions as Computer Wallpaper?

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Who gets to say what is a weed and what isn’t? …With that being said, I must confess that I had about 2,000 of these guys killed the other day by a big truck loaded with lots of herbicide…Bwahahaha

New Brood Coming…


This mama Robin made a HUGE nest in the lid of Bucky’s propane tank.

Once a Year…a passenger train comes through Nowata…

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They don’t stop though 😦


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Tin Man Gardener…Icon of the Maple Street Greenhouse.

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Spiders like Spring too…

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No, there’s no spider in the picture.

New Growth…

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