This is the last entry in this 365 photograph-a-day project
for 2010. The self-imposed obligation of making and posting a photo
every single day is kind of intimidating. Some days you just don’t feel
it. It has however, served it’s purpose. It causes you to look at
the world and to stop and study things that would normally just
blow right past you. From the tiniest things, to the big vistas,
you gain an appreciation for the variety of interesting situations
out there. It also hones your skills as a photographer, forcing you
into many different circumstances (lighting, weather, action, etc…).

It’s been great, but I’m not going to make that commitment for 2011.
I’ll leave this site as is for now, possibly taking it up again for
2012. I will, however, try to make at least weekly postings to the
main blog site My two other 365
project companions and I will find some way to challenge each other
to continue to improve our photographic skills (Check out our weekly photos at our Nowata156 page on Facebook). Thanks for viewing, I hope if nothing else, you’ll be inspired to go out and make a few photographic memories for yourself.