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My mother’s family brought with them from the old country, this taste for an egg-flour-milk blintz or thin pancake. Kind of deep fried so I wouldn’t call it heart-healthy! We called them curly-Q’s because of the edges. Eat em with syrup or buttered with sugar sprinkled on them. I only fix them now on very special occasions.


Layin’ Low…

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Pint Sized Nativity…

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Connie got this nearly indestructible miniature Nativity set to keep the little rascal’s hands off her prized (and fragile) ceramic set.

Lunar Eclipse on the Winter Solstice…


Was hampered by light cloud cover as well as ground fog and mist, but this is what we got. By the way, ancient people first got an inkling that the earth was round by observing that its shadow cast on the moon was curved.

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Toe Toaster…

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Nearly Full Moon…

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Tomorrow night, the moon will be as full as it ever gets…right before and after ┬áthe total Lunar eclipse. Also happens to be the shortest day of the year.

Grey Day…

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No, I didn’t convert this image to sepia tone. That’s just the way it is today. Kind of a downer.

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