Winding road…


Today’s entry concludes my 2nd 365 project (733 posts). Making and posting a photograph every day is a sizable commitment of time. My friends and I challenged each other to do this, not to showcase some fine art we might come up with, but rather as a way of getting the cameras in our hands every day. In this way we could learn the controls of of the cameras, find new ways to use them, and to learn what all those confusing menu thingys are for. In this regard, it’s been a success as I no longer fumble around too much trying to get a shot set up.

I’m going to use this milestone to take a hiatus from daily shooting and just follow the several photoblogs I’m interested in. I’ll put some new stuff up over on my main blog when opportunities present themselves. I appreciate all who have put up comments on my efforts. It’s nice to know someone is checking. I will probably get bored and want to start another 365 project in a couple of months. Thanks for looking!



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Still raining…six or seven inches so far this week. We went from drought to deluge in a hurry. Everything’s greening up nicely though.

Sunset at the fishing hole…


Some nice salmon colored clouds this evening. No salmon here, but the largemouth bass were putting on a show leaping clear of the water (none in this photo). They must be chasing shad.

Vintage photo…


Since this is leap day, it is technically not part of the 365 project. I’m putting up one of my earliest shots. In 1973, as a greenhorn fresh out of college, my company sent me to Iran for 3 months to test out and commission the electrical control systems on a 400 mile oil pipeline stretching from Teheran to the Persian Gulf. Throughout the middle parts of the country I saw many of these nomadic tribal families. They were constantly on the move, looking for grazing for their sheep and carrying all their belongings and tents with them. It was not an easy life. The women would work at turning out amazing Persian rugs from the wool, which they would sell. The Shah’s government hated these people and were trying to eradicate them. Being a photography novice, I bought an Olympus Pen FT camera to take with me. I chose this model because it was a half-frame 35mm SLR which would get twice as many exposures on a roll of film. It was a wonderful compact camera with a built in light meter…a collectors item now. Unfortunately, I had few skills in using it properly and didn’t know much about photography in general. I just had the slides scanned recently and obviously they had deteriorated over the past 40 years.

Morning Light…


I finally got around early enough to get out for a sunrise shot. On a side note, this is my 700th posting in this 365 photo-a-day challenge. When my friend and I started this, I wondered if I could even find a month’s worth of things to shoot. It’s been a fun learning experience…you should try it!

Get together…

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Last night, just after sunset, there was a nice celestial grouping. The crescent moon with bright Venus below left, and Jupiter just above left of the steeple. I wish I had planned ahead for this shot…I might have gotten a much better exposure.

Cloud fingers…


We had a cool front come through today and the leading edge formed these billow cloud rows. The wind, perpendicular to the rows, travels in a wave going up and down through warmer air below and cooler air above. Water vapor more readily condenses in cooler air at the wave peaks, forming the clouds. I didn’t have time to get to a more scenic location 😦

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