Prairie ragwort…

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A wild plant in the aster family.

American Bluehearts (Buchnera americana)…


One of the first wildflowers to come out in the Spring.

Cockscomb (Celosia)…


A friend gave us these dried Cockscomb flowers to use the seeds for planting this annual. It’s also known as Rooster Comb, Brain Celosia, or in its native East Africa the Swahili name is mfungu. I hope to have some nice flower shots later this year.

Flowers of the Hoya plant…


It’s always great when the tropical Hoya plant comes into bloom. The tiny wax-like flowers have a wonderful fragrance.

Why is this Dandelion coming out in November?

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The term Dandelion is taken from the French “dent-de-lion”, which means “lion’s tooth”, because of the jagged edges of the leaves. An English folk name for this plant is “piss-a-bed” , because of the strong diuretic effect of it’s roots. The Brits are very subtle. Anyway, I thought this was a Spring and Summer weed here.

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)…

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Common chicory is also known as blue sailorssuccory, and coffeeweed. I found this growing in the lake area.

Hoya carnosa…

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Also known as waxplant, waxvine, waxflower or simply hoya. For whatever reason, the last time this particular plant had a flower on it was in the 1980’s. Connie has been waiting patiently for this day. I wonder if it is the extremely hot summer that spurred it on. The blooms have a very strong pleasing fragrance.

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