Harlan’s Hawk…


I believe this is a Harlan’s Hawk, due to its coloration. Some experts consider this to be a sub-species of the Red-tailed Hawk, others think it is a separate species. First described by John James Audubon in 1829. He referred to it as Falco Harlani (after R. Harlan, a physician and naturalist).



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I posted about the Red-tailed hawk a while back. This one likes to take up watch on this sign post not 10 feet from a busy highway. It will stay there for long periods of time with traffic whizzing by, but if you stop within 50 feet it will take off. I had to park in a lot across the street and shoot between the passing trucks to  have it sit still long enough. These hawks are legally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)…

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This bird of prey is also known as the “Chickenhawk”, though it rarely goes after full sized chickens. They will however, prey on anything from mice to jackrabbits. Because they are so common and are easily trained, they are the bird most often used for falconry in this country.