Sunset at the fishing hole…


Some nice salmon colored clouds this evening. No salmon here, but the largemouth bass were putting on a show leaping clear of the water (none in this photo). They must be chasing shad.


Morning Light…


I finally got around early enough to get out for a sunrise shot. On a side note, this is my 700th posting in this 365 photo-a-day challenge. When my friend and I started this, I wondered if I could even find a month’s worth of things to shoot. It’s been a fun learning experience…you should try it!

Red-Bellied Woodpecker…

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Not to be confused with the Red-Headed Woodpecker, whose head is completely red. This bird is identified as a male since the red swath extends clear to his bill. I like the zebra striping. I spotted this bird in the Double Creek area of Oologah Lake.